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My name is Rebecca Hildebrand and I am the owner/Master Esthetician of Peaceful Aesthetics. Below is my story of how I knew I wanted to be an Esthetician/Reiki practitioner. 

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My Story

I have loved the world of skincare since I was 14. I watched DIY skin care videos on YouTube and was instantly hooked into the beauty world. In my senior year of high school, I took a cosmetology course where my teacher told me, "I never work a day in my life because I love my job. The day I dread going to work will be the day I retire". That resonated with me and pushed me to get into the career I love.

While attending esthetics school, it introduced me to the world of Reiki and energy healing. I hold an esthetics CIDESCO diploma and am a Master Level Reiki practitioner. I love incorporating reiki into my esthetic services to enhance the experience for my clients.

I am continually expanding my knowledge on all related topics. I believe skin concerns can be helped with a combination of holistic and scientific approaches. For example, poor diet and bad habits can cause acne, so I prefer to address that along with customized skincare treatments before recommending strong acne products. I also strongly believe in connecting with clients and building their trust. If I sound like the perfect fit for you and your skin, contact me and I can get you scheduled for an appointment of pure bliss and peace.


Text/Call: 571-269-4117

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